Nigel and Veronica – TRUE LOVE WAITS!

10968097_10153137075660719_261060627_n (small bw)Meet Nigel and Veronica. Believe it or not, they actually met each other at Church through a mutual friend. Both are parishioners of St Thomas More at Bateman. Veronica is an Extra Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist and Nigel the willing recipient. It was at that moment in the presence of the Holy Eucharist when God intervened and placed a desire in both their hearts! And as they say, the rest is history.

We interviewed the lovely couple, read here how their love story unfolds.


Catholic Youth Ministry: When was the time that you knew he or she was the one?

NIGEL: I knew first there was going to be something special after the first few dates. However after the first year I really knew she was the one. She changed my life in ways I never thought was possible.

VERONICA: I knew first there was going to be something special after the first coffee date. My then boyfriend and now husband rocked up in his old Nike Shorts and roughed up Adidas Sneakers.


CYM: How long was the courtship period?

N: We dated for 4 years before we got married (engaged for 2 years).

V: We were dating for 2 years prior to engagement and then we were engaged for another 2 years.  We are now married 2 years so been together for 6 years.


CYM: What was your most memorable date?

N: Most memorable date for me was the first date. Believe it or not I was only asking Veronica for coffee to get to know her. I did not know it was a date. So I rocked up in my old Nike basketball shorts and well used pair of Adidas gym shoes (Veronica has since thrown them out).  It was a great date. If she liked me after that date I knew she was a keeper.

V: Most memorable date was when we went to the movies to watch Twilight (yes Nigel actually watched it), and I tried to hold Nigel’s hand and he hesitated to hold my hand like a little girl.


CYM: What has been the toughest for you being in a relationship?

N: It would have to be the first year of marriage. That was the first time that Veronica and I lived together, so it threw up challenges that we had not otherwise experienced.

V: During our first year of marriage we decided to use NFP (Natural Family Planning). That was a significant challenge for us as we were only just married 3 months plus, I found out I was pregnant in less than 6 months of marriage just when I started my career. However, fast forward a year later and Amelia is the blessing in our life.


CYM: When you got to know each other better, what surprised you most about each other?

N: The most surprising fact was Veronica’s patience. I knew she was patient however; she had to put up with a lot from me. She had to put up with my then bad fashion sense, complete and utter lack of patience (especially in restaurants waiting for food) and me being late.

V: The most surprising fact is that we both shared and practiced the same core values of a Christian relationship (I.E. not living together before marriage, no travelling together and saving ourselves for marriage.)

Last year through their faithful union, Veronica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Amelia. It was during this time that the dynamics of their relationship changed. Not anymore focused on each other, but on their daughter. But they were happy to share that they have a well-balanced lifestyle. Taking Amelia out with them to friend’s places and having friends over for dinner. But most importantly when Amelia is in bed, they make sure that they make quality time for one another.

Lastly, we asked the couple for some tips for Single men and women and those in a relationship. Here’s what they have to say:


CYM: What is your message to single men and women who are looking for the one?

N: The main thing is for men to see the real beauty of women not just physically but as a person. To treat women with respect. Remember if you are looking to find the one you will have to be willing to put in the effort and hard work before marriage and also during your marriage.

V: Respect yourself and love yourself first and make sure you know where your life is heading.



CYM: What tips do you have for those in a relationship?

N: Always respect the other person and always be honest. You have to show forgiveness and love constantly. Never take the other person’s love for granted. The most important thing is never argue with your wife even when she is wrong. haha.

V: Never forget to say I love you. Effective communication and listening is the most important aspect of a relationship. Always learn to forgive and never take the other persons forgiveness for granted.


For Nigel and Veronica, there is no denying that God played the most important part in their relationship. For the couple, God is the source of all love and goodness. They believe that He plays a role in their everyday life.

As Saint John Paul II simply puts, “Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of real love.” Nigel and Veronica are true examples of this love. Let their relationship be a reminder to all that, “true love waits.”

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