Last night three CYM Staff members and Fr Brennan, our Youth Chaplain joined 27 youth leaders from across the Perth Archdiocese for a night of friendly competition, networking and of course pizza at Laserblaze, Malaga.

Youth leaders from both the North and South/East region came with their fighting spirits to prove once and for all which side of the river is best!

Groups and individuals came in their dark clothing to be less noticeable in the arena, except for a couple of youth leaders who wore all white and even a fluoro pink shirt! The groups got together to develop some strategies and come up with some winning tactics.

The tension grew thicker and thicker between the two sides as the time to wear the laser-blaze suits finally arrived. There were some dirty talks and some encouraging chants but the excitement was really building. Three teams were finally formed, a red team (North), a yellow team (South 1) and a blue team (South 2).

Once Liam, our instructor, gave the go signal the teams ran to their base inside the dark arena and the game started.

In the arena you can feel the camaraderie of the teams, with every individual fighting for their team to be number one. As the first round ended after a grueling 20 mins, the Blue Team clenched onto victory with red coming second and yellow coming in third.

The second round seemed more competitive with new tactics on hand for the three teams. There were loud screams, people running from every corner and your occasional stay in one spot culprits.
The 20 mins felt even quicker this time around. As the buzzer went off and the announcement came, Blue team once again was victorious.

The evening was concluded with the youth ministry staple, PIZZA, plus some time for the youth leaders to mingle and have a laugh.

“The laser tag night was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet leaders from the North and South parishes in a social setting. Everyone was in high spirits and it was awesome to see great team work on display. It was a fantastic night and I can’t wait for the next social event,” said Kim Hodgson.

It was a night that all will remember. Hopefully there will be more “friendly”competitions between the North and South/East leaders, which will finally decide which side is truly superior.


Watch this space for the next round of competition!!!Nort vs South