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July 11, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Notre Dame Expo Showcases Perth’s Vibrant Young Church

Photo above by Maria Monzon.

Youth ministry groups, religious orders, tertiary institutions and Not-For-Profit Organizations were amongst 27 stalls during the Notre Dame Fest at Veritas 2018.

Participants were informed of various charisms through interactions, enjoyable activities and useful resources. Highlights for many were the various freebies they collected, such as promotional materials, fun merchandises and even delicious doughnuts.

Veritas’ favourite sumo suits proved popular again amongst the young participants, with other fun activities to engage the youth such as guessing games and hitting targets to win prizes.

Participants were given insights into tertiary studies such as Acts 2 Come College and University of Notre Dame Australia.

Various religious groups were also present such as the Perth Archdiocese Vocations Office, WA Vocations Network, Sisters of Nazareth, Little Sisters of the Poor and the Somascan order

Photos by Iceberg Media

“God calls all of us to something in our life, whether its marriage, priesthood, religious life or all kinds of jobs, so it’s important that they see that there are different options within the Church and those different things that the Lord might be calling them to do and to help give them some information, things that they might learn not just from the TV and internet,” Catholic Youth Ministry Chaplain Fr Mark Baumgarten said.

St Vincent De Paul Society, Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission and Pro-Life stalls also ensured that social issues had a presence at the expo.

Veritas participant John Kelly believed that it is important for the Culture of Life to be heard, especially at universities.

“I like how the three Pro-Life stalls were grouped together and are easy to access with a lot of resources being given out and equipping university students to start such clubs and try to get the Pro-Life voice out to others,” he said.

Corpus Christi head boy, Liam Rego added, “I really liked the Caritas stall because we’re coming into NAIDOC week and Anita Finneran (Caritas Staff) has a placard with the word ‘Truth’, and we got an opportunity to write messages to the Aboriginal people of Australia.”

The expo was sponsored by University of Notre Dame Australia.

Written by Michael Soh

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Catholic Youth Ministry
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