CYM team at Notre Dame University 2017

“I have had enough of freebies” – said no one ever! Nothing is more exciting than getting free stuff, especially when you are new to the environment. Perhaps, this was what the students were thinking throughout 2017 O-Week.

On the 2nd week of February, many universities across Perth celebrated their O’day. The CYM team and other volunteers took this opportunity to introduce the catholic community to the new students.

Alvin Kong from Catholics at Curtin together with his committees had an awesome time engaging with new students. “The pope was so popular!” said one of the volunteers. Many people took photo with the Pope cut out and even high-fiving him.

Greg Hugi from UWA Catholic Society had an awesome team help out as well – they had the Pope cut out and not to mention the Jenga game! Everyone surely had a blast!

Catholics at Curtin Oday 2017

The highlight of the O’week was probably on Feb 25th at Notre Dame. Almost everyone from the CYM team went down to Notre Dame to meet and connect with the students. CYM had a variety of giveaways and freebies for students; such as cupcakes, lollies, chocolates, and Mie Goreng. To spice things up, CYM set up mini competitions in order to win these giveaways! There was a lucky draw for a chance to win a box of chocolate and flip-a-bottle challenge to win 2 packs of Mie Goreng. Whilst for the non-risk-taker, they just had to sign up for a pack of Mie Goreng.

CYM O’day coordinator Nessya said, “Engaging with the young people was truly a blessed experience, and to see students really passionate in what they want to pursue, is something inspiring for everyone to learn from.”

Congratulations to all the winners of our raffle draw and competitions. And thank you for all the students who dropped by our stall.

CYM team are all praying for your bright future ahead.

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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