Over 600 Youth Attend Tim Staples Youth Rally

“You were made for greatness”, this was the message that Tim Staples, American Apologists repeatedly professed to the young people at the Youth Rally hosted by Bateman Parish, last 23rd of October.

Over 600 teens, youth1450797_934502103303086_6278662833144838698_n and some adult parishioners attended the youth event which consisted of live music, testimony and a high energetic talk by our international guest speaker.

The evening began with a sausage sizzle at the courtyard on the Parish grounds. Catholic Youth Ministry staff ornamented the place with lanterns and blue pom poms which created a festive environment, while the young people ate and waited for the rally to begin.

The Bateman youth group also took the opportunity to connect and sell Subway sandwiches, sausages and drinks as a fundraising effort to help pay for their local pilgrims who are going to World Youth Day in Poland next year.

At 7pm the youth rally started with an entertaining introduction of the evening’s program by MC’s Anita Parker and Clarence Goh. It was then followed by praise and worship with vibrant music provided by the Bateman youth band led by CYM Staff, Vincent Haber.

Tim Staples followed soon after and began by creating a picture in the minds of the audience on how the secular culture has influenced the young people on how they see their worth and value. He tackled issues such as abortion and self-worth just to mention a few.

He captured the crowd’s attention by sharing his own conversion and by drawing on examples of young people in the bible who had surrendered their lives to follow God. Such examples were Mary our Mother, who at the tender age of 14 said ‘Yes’ into becoming the mother of God, and brothers John and James who also as teenagers dropped whatever they 12182705_10153931269094505_4575807816042581514_owere doing to follow Jesus.

To conclude, Tim encouraged the young people to not be afraid and to be proud of their Catholic faith. He also urged the young people to know and embrace their worth as they are ‘made for greatness’.

The youth rally concluded with an inspiring and moving testimony by Daniel de la Motte and a couple of songs led by the praise and worship band.

It was an evening that many will remember. The impact of the evening and the lessons learnt from the talk will be embedded forever in the hearts of those that heard and witnessed a great man of God and a passionate apologist.

Thank you to Bateman Parish for hosting the event and for Parousia Media for bringing Tim Staples to Perth.

Bateman Youth with Tim Staples


CYM Staff with Tim Staples


MC’s Anita Parker and Clarence Goh