June 30, 2016
Getting to know CYM’s Patron Saint: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
July 11, 2016

Relationship Seminar Reveals The Truth About Boys and Girls.

By. Jonathon Kavanagh & Vincent Haber

Girls, girls, girls. What else do guys think about? Where do all the good boys go to hide away?

These were some of the questions answered at a relationship seminar attended by over 50 young people on 25 June at Thornlie Parish.

Brought back by popular demand after its success at Veritas Youth Festival, the young adults gathered to learn about topics such as dating, boundaries and modesty. The seminar was organised by Sacred Heart Youth Group and was based on highly popular Veritas workshops -‘The talk your parents never had with you about girls’ and ‘Where do the good boys go to hide away?’

13557767_998567950260704_1257175388669479529_nMatt Woodford from Canningvale Parish, Josh Low from Bateman Parish and Montana McCann from Baldivis Parish gave an honest and thought provoking session on topics relevant to the young adult audience aged 18-30.

On arrival, the attendees gathered in the parish hall for a typical staple youth ministry dinner of pizza and soft drinks, plus a chance to get to know one another.

The audience was split into two groups, according to their gender.

Matt and Josh’s talk drew on topics on relationships from a Catholic perspective and highlighted important issues such as why is our sexuality important?  What defines a girl? And what is the purpose of a relationship?

Matt encouraged the males to, “look at girls as sisters in Christ.”

Josh said, “Marriage should be the end goal of any relationships.”

The talk was full of great information about being a man of God and treating the ladies with utmost love and respect. This led to the boys to share their opinions and to ask questions such as, “do you need to be in multiple relationships to get better at it? Is it okay to look but not touch?’’

In the female session, Montana shared her past experiences and she encouraged the girls to be more open to guys, to discover who we are and who we are called to be, to be more modest and chaste plus actively pray for their future partner.

To conclude the relationship seminar Matt, Josh and Montana switched groups, giving the females an opportunity to ask questions and the males a chance to ask Montana those burning questions they had about girls. 13533175_998567913594041_8410187995501522500_n

One of the interesting questions Montana was asked was, ‘Do guys need to have abs and be perfect physically to get a girl interested in them?’

Montana answered, “No, even though girls may think about this, you do not need to have abs. What matters most are their intentions and their character. But I still encourage guys to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Once the Q and A’s were completed, the two groups got together for some prayer and final messages from the speakers.

The evening was a success as many came out empowered and with better conviction about love and relationships.

Jenni from Cloverdale, who is newly engaged said, “Tonight reaffirmed me that my future husband is a good guy and that I love him. He is exactly what I am looking for and he has all the qualities that I admire. It reaffirmed with what Montana was saying that the good guys are not hiding, they are actually everywhere – we just need to be open to it and be patient and allow them to be good guys for us.”

Relationship issues and challenges are certainly not one sided. As Ryan Lopez said, “I learnt that both guys and girls are going through the same problems.”

The truth is, there’s a need for a platform for youth and young adults to learn more about their sexuality and about relationships and love, but mostly to continue this dialogue and learn from each other’s past experiences and mistakes.