Santa Clara Youth Evolving

For the last three months on a Sunday afternoon , every fortnight, Santa Clara Bentley has been hosting a youth gathering that tackles issues and topics relevant to the youth of today.

Each gathering presents a different speaker and topic, which has been attended by over 20 youth and young adults from the Parish and surrounding parishes. The purpose of such event is to form the young people and create a strong community where the youth feel welcomed and are transformed.


Here were the six topics and the speaker who gave the talk:

1) Identity: The Social Media by Alwin Liew

2) Identity: Self Image by Alwin Liew

3) Identity: Theology of the Body Fr. Daniel

4) Natural Family Planning  by Lisa Howard

5) Who is My Shepherd? by Kimberley Ngu

6) Managing Finances: The Christian Way by Hugh Cahill

Philemon, parishioner and youth leader said, “The sessions have been extraordinary, with amazing speakers and informative materials and resources”

Many of the participants who have been consistently attending have had a lot of good things to say about the series.

He continued, “The feedbacks from the youth have been positive. It seems that they are learning a lot, especially things that they don’t normally learn in school or university.”

Bentley Parish has a dynamic and active youth group led by Alwin Liew and Christine Dos Santos. They will continue to have their fortnightly gathering and present more interesting topics for the rest of 2015.

If you want to be connected to the Santa Clara Youth group or any other groups in the Archdiocese, please contact CYM on 9422 7912 or email