by Matt

Silence… while some might find the idea of silence appealing, the matter of the fact is that majority of us don’t quite feel comfortable. But why is this? Silence can’t actually hurt us, so why do we try to avoid it at all costs? Perhaps the thing we fear most about silence is being alone with our own thoughts.

We fear our innermost selves and wrestle with the complexity of our hearts. So our human-ness tries to drown out the silence with constant ‘noise’. I know for myself, when I’m driving alone, I listen to podcasts. At home, I might have music playing in the background. When waiting in line at the shops, I grab onto my phone without even thinking. Anything seems to be better than silence.

Saints have always been a huge inspiration in regards to my interior life. Many of the saints would spend hours in Adoration, which stresses the necessity of silence in our lives. Mother Teresa once said, “the fruit of silence is prayer” and in prayer, we hear the voice of God. We may not know it, but the devil uses noise and distraction to drown out the voice of God. This noise that the devil uses isn’t always sound.

So what are some ways we can overcome this overly noisy and distracting world?

1. Be intentional with your music and media intake.

Set a time/times during the day when you will listen to music or watch some TV. Also, be aware of what you take in. Think to yourself why you are listening or watching this and if you are doing it to distract yourself, you know that it is best to turn it off.

2. Go for a walk without your phone

Sometimes I find it quite relaxing to go for a walk and say a rosary. This is my time to ponder about God’s beautiful creation using my five senses (probably not taste though).

3. Do some reading

I admit that I find it quite difficult to read, however when I actually sit down and do it, there is just something far more profound compared to listening to a talk. You actually get the opportunity to contemplate on the words.

4. Go spend some time with Jesus

Jesus is always waiting for us in the Blessed Sacrament. He will always listen to us in the silence but if we want an answer, we have to allow Him to answer us too. It may be difficult in the beginning, but like all things we want to be good at, it takes practice and discipline.

Is it time to drown out the noise and to listen to what God has to say to you in the silence?

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