Somascan Youth Celebrates 10 Years

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Somascan Young Adults, hundreds flocked to St Jerome’s parish in Munster to celebrate the milestone at a dinner dance organized by the Somascan youth on October 10.

Hosted by Vincent Haber, from Catholic Youth Ministry, the dinner dance provided those present with a variety of delicious food while showcasing some of the youth’s amazing talents which included a live band and a captivating traditional Indian dance performance.

Throughout the night a house DJ kept everyone entertained and after dinner there was a presentation which showed the successes and fruits that has come from the youth’s presence in the community.

After a video message from Brother Chris De Sousa CRS, former youth leader of the Somascan Young Adults, people were invited to enjoy the rest of the night on the dance floor.

The Somascan Young Adults first started in 2005 when Fr Johnson Malayil, Superior Father at St Jerome’s Catholic Parish in Munster, saw a need for the youth of the parish to get together in prayer, fellowship and community work.

Over the past 10 years the Somascan Young Adults have supported the parish in its development and have regularly made a welcoming place for all youth to join in prayer and friendship to foster a strong supportive community.

Through our past fundraisers, the Somascan Youth have managed to help a number of sponsor children and assist different charities in their response to economical and natural crisis.

Earlier this year we started Somascan Missions, which was created to focus our efforts towards specific projects which were in great need of our help.