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St Joseph’s Youth Group Launch Night

St Joseph's Youth group launch night 2016

The 29TH October saw the young people at St Joseph’s Queens Park re-launch their Youth Group after 25 years of non-existence.


After months of preparation and meetings, the team leaders at St Joseph’s arranged a night that was based on the idea of getting to know the young people in the Parish as well as gauging an understanding of their expectations of being part of a youth group.


After mass, young people were guided by green lanterns to the Br Patrick Doolan Centre where after much anticipation, the night was due to begin.


To kick off the event, pizza was served, a youth group staple, whilst waiting for all the registrants.  Nineteen young people and empty pizza boxes later, the night began with a prayer and blessing from Fr. Peter, our Parish Priest. Afterwards, in a joyous and friendly atmosphere, the young people participated with enthusiasm in a series of ice breaking games prepared by the team. All was going well until the M&M’s started disappearing at an alarming rate! Probably had to do with everyone sneaking a little snack while answering “getting to know you” questions.


However, the best part of the night came when the young people gathered together to brainstorm! The room was abuzz with ideas of what they wanted to do for future events, what they wanted to learn and even what they wanted to eat (KFC)! Ideas went from fun activities such as games or movie nights to charity activity or Bible study.


Sienna, a 15year old participant shared her impression of the launch night: ‘it was the first time that I came to a Youth group and it was much more fun than I thought it would be. I was not really expecting to know anyone and was very pleased to reacquaint with some people I lost touch with and also to meet some new people. I really enjoyed the nice energy and vibe and the fact that the Youth Leaders were very encouraging. The activities I enjoyed the best was when we were asked to write down all the things we want to do in the future and the M&Ms game as it allowed me to know a little bit more about the other young people. I would certainly go to future events as I want to explore the experience even more.”


All in all, it was a wonderful, successful night and the team at St. Joseph’s is certainly encouraged and hopeful in what God has in store for the youth group at our wonderful parish.


Anyone interested in being a part of the St Joseph’s Youth Group can contact the team leaders at

Vlad Alonso (Youth Leader, St Joseph’s Queens Park)

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