Stronger Teens Rally at St Columba’s Bayswater

St Columba’s Parish Bayswater was host to the second Stronger Teens Rally for 2014. The theme for the evening was Pentecost , which couldn’t be mistaken as you entered the hall decorated in red with flames and doves, reminding people of the story of Pentecost. The hall was soon filled with laughter and fun as teens shared a meal and played games. The energy continued as St Columba’s youth band led the gathered in song.

This led into a talk about Pentecost from Rhea who explained how the event of Pentecost, the sending of the Holy Spirit, marked the birth of the Church and the giving of spiritual gifts to the disciples. Reah told us that the Holy Spirit gives all of us gifts and that when we all contribute our unique gifts we work harmoniously and all benefit.  We learnt this lesson in a tangible way by playing the human chair game, when everyone sits at once we form a seated circle, in a similar way when we all contribute our gifts we are unified as a  community and build the kingdom of God.

Year 9 student Tristan gave an inspiring testimony. He spoke about his experience growing up in a Catholic family and explained how being a part of St Columba’s Youth Group had helped him to grow closer to Christ, to be proud to be Catholic, and to look forward to going to Church. Tristan’s sharing helped all of us to reflect on our relationship with God and encouraged us to be proud of our faith.

Small group discussion helped to further explore, reflect and apply what was learnt from the talk and testimony. Each person then wrote a particular gift they feel they have onto a balloon; everyone released their balloons together and watched the mayhem as the balloons flew around the room. This reminded us that we had a room full of gifted people whom the Holy Spirit was working through. The activity also demonstrated that whilst our gifts may not seem that significant taken together they’re pretty magnificent.

The night was capped off with another energetic song from St Columba’s youth band. Jermaine and Ylan, youth leaders from St Columba’s parish Bayswater organised a fantastic, meaningful and enjoyable night for all. CYM and teens across Perth look forward to the next Stronger Rally at another parish around Perth, stay tuned for details of the next event.

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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