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Light of Jesus Youth Perth is raising funds for our upcoming Camp Calye, the annual summer youth camp of Light of Jesus Youth Missions. Calye means “Choose a Life You’ll Embrace”. We invite the youth to come home to God and to live every area of their lives with God. Thus, the title: Joyride. It’s the journey back to God that becomes the source of fun and faith. To prepare our youth leaders for Camp Calye, they attended Alab Camp last July (Alab means aflame; to burn with emotions in the Filipino language). Here’s a moving testimonial from one of the youth leaders, Rina.

 My ALAB Experience by RINA BARRERA

To be honest, I actually never planned to go to ALAB Camp because I was scared and had second thoughts about it. My mom kept explaining and giving me good feedback about it but I wouldn’t budge. Until I finally came to terms and decided to go because my siblings would be there anyway. My mom also mentioned that after the camp I would have to be a leader for Feast Perth Youth; and that frightened rina-camp-calye-orange-team-championsme!

When the date of the event came, I had mixed emotions. I wasn’t sure what was coming for me and what we would be doing together. I started the journey with full of enthusiasm and a hint of nervousness. When I saw the group list that I was in, I was relieved seeing my brother’s name and knew I wouldn’t be entirely alone. I was also trying my best to give a better attitude for what was to come and to look at the brighter side of things. As soon as we sat on the table to eat with our group mates and to introduce ourselves, I made sure I presented myself with full confidence and gave them an attitude that they have never seen before from me – joyful and talkative.

When we finished our meal, we had to decide on who would be our group leader. I was quite surprised that two of my team members volunteered and trusted me with the tasks ahead of us. After that moment, I felt as if I had a reason why the Lord brought me there, and that made me feel even more confident with myself and what I can do to help the team win for the glory of Him. I started talking more and giving ideas to my team. In return, I created a greater bond with them. I learned so much from each of them and understood their struggles in life and the things that would put a smile on their faces.

I had several eye openers from the camp. First was the talks given by Kuya* Paolo Galia and the personal stories he shared and trusted us with. Second, I w
as most especially touched when we had a big group sharing and when we were prayed over by our facilitators, KuyaPaolo and Bene. I felt God’s presence wiDSC01481thin me and His touch during the silent moments and reflections. God was talking to me and was showing me the right path to a greater road for His kingdom.

I was never quite a spiritual person. I would always decline the activities that involve going to Church and would sometimes reject the thought of God being with me during my tough times. I was negative and, sometimes, confused with myself. But after the camp, I found what I want to be and what I want to do in life, which includes serving the Lord. I am ready to lead the Youth Ministry. I want the youth to feel the way I felt the presence of God. I can finally say that I am ready. I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

*(older brother)

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