Super Mario: Finding Faith in the Ordinary



Tav Talks was hosted at the beautiful UWA Tavern on Friday 20 May. Surrounded by heritage style architecture and landscaped grounds, it’s a location that leaves you breathless. It was here that guest speaker Mario Borg (Acts 2: College of Mission and Evangelisation) shared his life experiences with the youth of Perth and discussed the relevance of theology and faith in everyday life.

Mario Borg certainly knows how to captivate and entertain the attendees of his workshops with his inspiring, heart felt and hard hitting stories.

Even though a fierce storm was closing in over the city, it was astonishing the amount of youth that had shown up to hear Mario speak and to support the Catholic faith.

Upon arrival at Tav Talks, people were greeted by wonderful volunteers to register for the night’s event and get their name tags. There was a small stage set up in the corner of the tavern for the live band to play and the guest speaker to talk.

After the band had played, the night kicked off with an ice breaker between Kieran Chew (Tav Talks MC and organiser) and Mario. It consisted of two small boxes set up on a table with question marks on them and inside a pair of red and green caps with the letters M for Mario and L for Luigi made famous by the popular 80’s Nintendo game “Super Mario Brothers.” (pun intended).

Also in the box was a large amount of marshmallows, the aim of the game was to fit as many marshmallows in your mouth while repeating the phrase “finding faith in the ordinary” as clearly and as loudly as you could… (Surprisingly it was safe and no one choked on the marshmallows) in the end Super Mario Borg had taken the lead and the win for the game.

The game was quickly followed by the talk and the topic of choice was, “Finding Faith in the Ordinary” -reflecting on how we can possibly sustain and practice our faith in a radical and restless world.

He started the night with some personal stories of his own experience like the night he found himself sleeping with a dead rat and how God revealed to him how easy it is for you to live with the stench of sin, only for it to be affronting for those who come into contact with us.

Mario’s other story was about unblocking a flooded urinal and how this was a revelation to him simply because God wanted to allow His love to flow freely within us, through the power of reconciliation which unblocks the rubbish within the spiritual pipes.

He then spoke about Leicester City winning the English Premier League and that they raised the profile, how “the ordinary can be extraordinary” with their 5000-1 odds and a champion winning season.

This was followed up with him mentioning Baptism, how anyone who has been Baptised has been blessed with the undeserving gift of faith – to believe in what we cannot see but to believe in what we know to be real, gaining spiritual eyes to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Mario said, “God is constantly revealing himself to everyone, we have the capacity to see God at work in the ordinary things of this world.”

He continued, “Catholics see this at work constantly in the Sacraments and the Eucharist where the humble bread and wine is transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.”

It is here that God reveals himself to us in many ways but in particular Mario has seen God at work through Creation, the Bible, Liturgy, Prayer and personal experiences. Each of these things can seem so ordinary but when God is at work we seek extraordinary things.

At the end of the night Mario finished up with one last final encouragement,“As we exercise the spiritual gift of faith and allow God to lift the scales from our eyes we will see more and more how He shows himself to be at work transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary – and we too will become extraordinary in the living out of our lives!”

What an extraordinary evening Tav Talks was.

The next Tav Talks is Friday, 26 August. Visit the Tav Talks Facebook page at 

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