This year’s CYM Teens Camp was held from the 25th to 28th September at Manjedal Activity Centre, right in the centre of the school holidays. Themed, Heart of a Champion, it was a chance for all of us to let go of our fears and to strengthen our faith in God. It was also a chance to step away from our busy lives, and to enjoy nature.

The camp was an excellent experience, featuring a range of dynamic speakers, and different activities from adventure ones to a Q&A forum, as well as personal time to reflect on our lives and to develop our relationship with God through worship, prayer and adoration.

To see every one of the teenagers participate and grow in their faith was a blessing. It was also impressive to watch the teens show their competitive and team playing qualities at the same time.

I have enjoyed every aspect of the 2017 Teens Camp, taking the lessons and skills learnt to be able to develop my journey further, as well as to cherish the memories and new friendships made. Will be looking forward to the next camp!

– Christopher Wijaya

I was excited to attend my first CYM Teens Camp as I had wanted to learn more about my faith since the Veritas Festival in June this year. I was quite nervous and scared at the beginning, but it was a worthwhile experience! From the first day, the leaders were very welcoming and excited to be part of our faith journey throughout camp. The other teens were just as happy to meet new people as I was, and I quickly became friends with some girls from my share group.

Our share groups were enjoyable and a great place to be able to discuss the talks given and ask questions on about anything we were curious. We also participated in Camp Olympics and different activities in these groups.  Among all the fun group activities organised by the leaders, my favourite was the Adoration on Wednesday night. During Adoration, we had the opportunity for Prayer Groups; where two leaders pray with and for us. It was an incredible experience as I found the prayers from the leaders overwhelmingly heartwarming and empowering, filled with God’s love.

Teens Camp has benefited me in a lot of ways. Thanks to the talks given by various leaders, as well as homilies by Fr Brennan at daily mass, I now know more about my faith and am more confident in my beliefs. I had such an incredible week and had come away with excellent connections with all the leaders, as well as many new friendships.

– Hannah Hicks

This year was the third time I went to Teens Camp, and the 2017 version proved to be no exception to the incredible camp I had previously experienced.

I enjoyed every moment of it; from the diverse range of talks and discussion topics to the highly popular Q&A session. The times spent getting to know new people, bonding as we challenged ourselves and cheered each other on in the adventure activities, prepared for the Talent Show and of course, washed dishes together.

Who knew Mini Olympics could bring out such competitiveness and ingenuity in a bunch of teenagers? We also had time for personal reflection, to focus on our relationships with God through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Adoration.

The highlight of the camp was the opportunity for all of us to grow as individuals, as young people of God. We were encouraged to face our fears – of heights, small spaces, talking in front of people, speaking about our faith, etc. to ask lots of questions and to try new things in a safe environment.

The memories we shared and the knowledge we gained, we have been able to bring back from the camp and put into our daily lives, as we strive to remember that we all have the heart of a champion.

 – Rachel Ang

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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