Teens Stream, a brand-new initiative, has hit for Veritas17!

For the first time at Veritas, teens aged 13-17 were led in a workshop designed especially for them. They were led through many activities and speeches through the great teamwork of the Youth Mission Team and 24/7 Youth Ministry. MC’s Aleisha and Sam ensured the workshop ran smoothly, and our youth were eager to join in the celebrations and songs of praise.

The workshop started with several fun, ‘get to know you’ games which helped everyone feel more at ease, and bond together. The teens were then broken into small groups, discussing questions about their faith and how we choose to share our faith within our lives.

Photo from Iceberg Media. https://www.icebergmedia.com.au/

YMT performed several drama skits, including a rendition of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, to help remind us all that God is always there waiting for us to return. And further, that we must always have an awareness of what is around us enabling us to accept the gifts that God has given us.

24/7 Youth Ministry youth leaders then ran an amazing science experiment which demonstrated to the teens gathered how Jesus heals us of our sins and takes us back into a pure and holy relationship with God.

Matt Woodford spoke to the group about the dangers that come with changing yourself to fit in and be accepted, and how that can drive us away from a relationship with God. Matt made sure to remind the group that God will welcome us back to Him and, He helps us to make the right decisions every day.

Quiet time allowed for the group to reflect on what it is within our lives that blocks us from God. The group was then reminded that when we acknowledge the things that block our relationship with God, we are working towards repairing that bond.

The afternoon was a success, with both the workshop leaders and the teens, gathered together in praise and worship, with the goal of strengthening our bond with God, and deepening our faith.

Written by Catherine Dunn

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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