The LOVE Approach

Veritas Catholic Youth Festival last July held a series of workshops presented on a variety of topics. Veronica O’Brien from Pregnancy Assistance presented on how to be authentically pro-life.

If you google the term “pro-life” it comes up with, “opposing abortion and euthanasia.” Ms O’Brien preferred the following definition, “believing in and respecting the dignity of the human person and acting on this attitude in one’s day-to-day life,” with emphasis on the latter part.

When it comes to the issue of abortion, the negative stereotypes would have you believe that “pro-lifers” are judgemental, “pro-birth” and not focused on the wellbeing of the woman. Pregnancy Assistance offers an alternative approach, the LOVE approach.

The LOVE approach comprises of four principles; Listen & Learn, Open Options, Vision & Value, Extend & Empower.

Group discussion during the Pregnancy Assistance Workshop at Veritas 

It involves listening to the person’s story without judgement, learning about their feelings and fears, offering options, providing a positive outlook and giving referrals for further assistance. 

On a similar theme, Dr Andrew Smith presented a workshop about shifting your mindset from fear to live a life of love.

A common obstacle to achieving our goals in life is that we think negatively and focus too much on our fears.

Dr Smith warned against this mindset because “what we focus on will grow.” If you are constantly thinking about your fears, then “it will paralyse you”.

During the presentation, an intriguing quote appeared on the screen with the following words, “We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than reality.”

Andrew Smith presents his workshop on living a life on love.

According to Dr Smith, the remedy to this situation involves “changing your focus from fear to love” and realising the “potential good” than can be done.

Veritas was held at Corpus Christi College, Bateman and attended by over 800 people. It is an annual youth event organised by the Catholic Youth Network in partnership with Notre Dame University, ACTS2COME Bible College and many more this 2018.

Written by James Rodgers
Edited by Vincent Haber

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