The Origins of Our Faith: Discovering the Early Church

Holy Hour Winter Warmer Series

Have you ever wondered what it was like being a Christian in the first few centuries?
How are we currently experiencing a similar situation in the church as the early Christians?

Come to our winter warmer series with Dr. Marco Ceccarelli, talking about what it was like in the early church.

Detailed Description:

In partnership with Catholic Youth Ministry, this course is aimed at young adults and those interested in learning about crucial events in the history of the early Church.

Participants will be led through the first 500 years of the Church with a focus on the Jewish roots of Christianity, the creation of the first communities and “house churches” during the centuries of persecution, the works and lives of the fathers of the Church, the Council of Nicaea and the life of Saint Augustine.

The struggles, accomplishments and faith of those who defined Christian identity will be placed under the spotlight over the four weeks.

Where: 40A Mary Street Highgate – Seminar Room
When: Every Wednesday from 2nd June to 23rd June
Topic: The Origins of Our Faith: Discovering the Early Church
Time: 7.30pm until 8.30pm
Speaker: Dr Marco Ceccarelli
Suggested Cost*: one payment of $20 (light supper provided each week)

*We have provided a suggested cost to attend this course, however we are happy to have you in our courses at a price higher or lower than the suggested cost, or no fee at all.

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