The Revival of John Paul Youth Ministry

Last 13 to 15 May, five youth leaders and assistant parish priest from Willeton  together with a CYM full time staff got together for a weekend of leadership training and a whole lot of fun and feasting at beautiful and scenic Yanchep.

In the past Willeton Parish has had one of the strongest and largest youth group in the Archdiocese. Headed by a strong leadership team and guided by a committed group of parents, it was a group that transformed and touched the lives of many young people. But like many other striving youth groups, due to unforeseen circumstances John Paul Youth Ministry, also known as JPYM temporarily shut down.

Untill recently, when a young, passionate and vibrant priest, Fr Christian Irdi,  arrived at Willeton Parish and stirred the hearts of many young people and former youth leaders to revive John Paul Youth Ministry.

The beginning of13254708_1047713901981905_5364354311400862986_o this revival kicked off with a three day leadership training at Yanchep facilitated by Catholic Youth Ministry Staff and parish youth leaders from Bateman and Bentley.

Youth leaders from Willeton Parish, Tiffany and Mattthew Poi, Zach Ting, AJ Roque and Joyce Fierze received formation and training on various topics such as Discipleship, Engaging with the Parents, Parishioners and the Priest and the important Safeguarding Young People during the weekend.

Tiffany said, “The weekend was amazing in every possible way – from the food to the fellowship, the place and the teachings. It was a wonderful affirmation of being called to be in youth ministry and while there is a lot of work ahead of us I was reminded that the Lord will always prepare and equip us for the work He calls us to do.”

One of the highlight of the weekend was the writing of the vision and mission statement for the youth ministry in the Parish on the last night. While it was a difficult task, it was an opportunity for the team to voice out their thoughts and take ownership of the ministry. The evening ended with some much deserved ice cream, coffee and cakes.

The weekend also consisted of visits to the beach, some deep and intellectual conversations about the faith, prayer and a fun sun downer.

The youth leaders will continue their faith formation and spiritual development with the help of Fr Christian and Catholic Youth Ministry before they re-launch John Paul Youth Ministry in Willeton in the very near future.