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December 11, 2020
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December 18, 2020

To My Beloved Father – A silent retreat reflection

Dear Father,

This year has been challenging for many of us. Some of us may have lost our loved ones, our jobs, and became lonely because we are unable to see our families and friends.

But, I still believe that You are a good Father.

Even during this time where we cannot travel physically, You always invite us to travel within. Allowing us to see and be the light in the darkness. 

I am so grateful that You have surrounded me with wonderful sisters in Christ. Through them, You invited me to join the “Grace & Silent Retreat” with Sr. Rebecca, which started on July 11th and concluded with “Show us the Father Retreat” on November 14th. We got to spend the day at the beautiful Schoenstatt Shrine in Mount Richon each time.

Schoenstatt Shrine, Mount Richon, WA

Five months ago, I would have never imagined that my life could change so much, even though it was only a once in-a-month commitment. But here I am now, knowing from the bottom of my heart that I am Your beloved daughter.

Father, when I attended the second session, I remembered crying while writing on my prayer journal, and I can almost feel that you were comforting me while I pour out my feelings to You. There is no other time that would have been as perfect as that day to reveal my wound and continuously affirmed me that I am Your beloved.

This whole time, You have been so loving and patience, not just to me but to every single person on this planet. You wait for us to come to You and You only reveal when we are ready to receive this “talent” – which can be in the form of sufferings, spiritual gifts, dreams, and desires – (Mat 25:15).

You have never forced anything but instead, allow us to choose in our own free will while reassuring that You will always be on our side. I just knew that no matter what happens, I will always have a perfect Father who loves me unconditionally and eternally.

The Grace from this silent retreat has brought me to a deep admiration towards silence and solitude.

With such a limited time, You have revealed so much to me,

and my biggest takeaway was how much You love me.

I want to grow my affection towards You as my Father, and I can never find a better place than being in silence. Thank you for inviting me to enter into a deeper relationship with You and experience these joyful moments together with 15 amazing women from the silent retreat.

I pray for all of us who have attended this silent retreat to radiate joy to those around us as we welcome the coming of Christ Jesus!

Your Beloved Daughter,

Silent retreat group, with Sr. Rebecca

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