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August 16, 2017
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Top 5 Catholic Apps & Podcasts for Young People

Catholic apps and podcasts are great tools to help us connect with our faith daily from our mobile devices. We’ve compiled a few of our favourites to share with you. There are so much more – what would you add to the list?

CYM’s Top 5 Catholic Apps for Young People

Laudate – With this app, you are able to get the daily readings, daily bible verses, prayers, rosary, Saint of the Day, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Examination of Conscience and much more. This app is free, however it requires internet to update the readings, saint of the day etc.


Confession – This app is a guide to help you prepare for confession, it is not a replacement for the sacrament of confession. It is passcode protected as you can log your examination of conscience prior to confession, it even helps remind you when you last went. The app has various prayers and a guide to help you with confession too.



Catholic Study Bible App (Ignatius Press Bible) – A FREE Catholic Bible app, great search features, highlighting, bookmarks and more.


Catholic Archdiocese of Perth – If you are on the road and figured out you are too far to make it to your regular Mass, use this app to find your closest parish, the Mass times, reconciliation times and much more. Get regular articles written by the Communications Office.


The Pope App – Connect with all the Vatican updates, live webcasts of the Pope’s messages, access to the Pope’s twitter feed, webcams live streaming all around the Vatican and more.


Bonus round:

Universalis – A paid version of the Sunday and Daily Missals and also the daily prayers of the Divine Office. These books in total would cost hundreds of dollars, but you can purchase them all in an app – that doesn’t require data/wifi to operate. Great for using in a church with your phone on flight mode or overseas travel to follow Mass readings.


Pocket Catholic – Very similar to Laudate, this is used to have the various Catholic prayers on the go. To some, this may have slightly better aesthetics but generally used to find Catholic prayers quickly.


Victory – Designed to help people break addictions with pornography. This is passcode protected and help you establish accountability friends and track your victories, setbacks and confessions to help in break unhealthy addictions.


Docat – Released at WYD 2016, this is a follow-on resource for YouCat (the Youth Catechism) this inspires young people to connect with the social teachings of the Catholic Church and how you can actively make a change in our world today.

CYM’s Top 5 Catholic Podcasts for Young People

These are great to listen to as you are driving, travelling on the bus/train, whilst exercising, cooking or as your own prayer/reflection time. They vary in length – some are only a few minutes in length, others are 1-hour long radio Q&A sessions. Some are released weekly, daily or monthly. Again, there are so many more great Catholic podcasts – what would you add to the list?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday: a look at the upcoming Sunday readings for Mass with Mark Hart from LifeTeen. A great resource every young Catholic should try to listen to before attending Mass each week.  Listen in their Website or iTunes

Catholic Answers: Live radio talks with Q&A on a range of Catholic apologetics topics – a variety of guests and presenters. Listen in their Website oiTunes.

The Fr Mike Schmitz Podcast: Fr Mike works as a university chaplain in the USA and his podcasts are targeted primarily at the university students and current faith topics related to them. Listen on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Ascension Roundtable: Talks for those who are active in leading ministry in their parish, group or organisation. E.g. Tips on Catholic Fundraising, teamwork dynamics and more. Listen on their website or iTunes.

Cradio Talks & interviews: Australian resources of ‘Catholic Radio’ Australia – these are a mixture of talks, radio interviews and more. Listen on their website.

Bonus round

Bishop Robert Barrons sermons: Weekly homilies from Bishop Robert Barron (author of the Catholicism Project and Word on Fire ministries)

The Jeff Cavins Show: A focus on scripture. Listen on their Website or iTunes.

Fr Rob Galea: these are less regular, but topics aimed at young people today.

The liturgist podcast: A focus on liturgy

Taylor Marshall: A podcast hosted by Taylor Marshall, a convert to the faith, where he talks about various topics relating to the faith.

Catholic stuff you should know: Quick podcasts that go through Catholic stuff you may not know, but should know.

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