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By. Vincent Haber

Beginning of March 2014, youth leaders of parishes and groups from the South East Region of Perth will gather on a monthly basis to network, share ideas and resources as part of a leadership program initiated by Catholic Youth Ministry Perth.

Last January, leaders from across the Archdiocese got together for a full day of training and workshop on Youth Ministry themes. The concluding session of the day gave the participants an opportunity to split themselves up accordingly, to the region that they belonged to.

During this time, leaders from the South and East regions opened up about their experiences as youth leaders and shared their sentiments of coming together as a network group. CYM saw this as a positive affirmation of what they have already planned for 2014, which was to reformat their monthly leadership program. Instead of the leaders coming to CYM, the staff will go to them, making the monthly training more accessible and appealing.

A new Facebook group has also been created called “Archdiocese of Perth – South/East Region Youth Leaders”. The group on Facebook was developed as a platform for open communication, sharing of resources and most importantly, community building.

CYM hopes that through the social media, monthly catch-ups, training and praying together, the relationships among the leaders will be strengthened. Therefore fostering unity and creating a strong network of leaders who will continue to build the kingdom of God here in Perth.

Catholic Youth Ministry Perth is looking forward to future endeavours initiated by this group and their contribution to youth ministry in the Archdiocese. Watch out for some exciting future collaborated events.

If you are involved in youth ministry in a leadership capacity and looking for a support group within the South East Region, then join this group on Facebook – Archdiocese of Perth – South/East Region Youth Leaders.

Don’t dismay if you live in the Northern and Central Region of Perth, they too will jumpstart a network group soon.

Contact CYM on 9422 7912 or email admin@cym.com.au for further questions or assistance with youth ministry matters.

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry is the official agency supporting and promoting youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Perth. Our aim is to assist young adults to build a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus and to help them find their place in the Church and the world.