Was Jesus a real person? If so what was he like?

The 2017 TAVTalks series continued at this year’s Veritas Youth Festival in a workshop presented by Kieran Chew titled, ‘Jesus Who?.

With Fr Mark Baumgarten previously talking about the reason we were created, namely for love and relationships and Emma Fradd discussing the distancing effects of sin, Kieran touched on the transformative power of Jesus in his workshop presentation.

Using historical data, Jesus of Nazareth was shown to be a real historical figure compared to other figures such as Krishna, Buddha and Confucius, with further investigations into Jesus’ claim of being God.

Kieran Chiew from Tav Talks in Jesus Who? worskhop at Veritas 2017. Photo from CMMNolasco Photography

In short clips by Bishop Robert Barron and U2’s Bono, we saw that it is not possible to dismiss Jesus as another good moral teacher.

If Jesus was real and claimed to be God then Jesus was either a scandalous, facetious deceiver, a crazy deluded man with a grandiose illusion complex or in fact the Lord that he claimed to be.

If Jesus is Lord, then what we have is not just theological information, but something that should lead us to a transformation, something that should change our whole lives.

Jesus is not only Lord on Sundays! Like so many saints, our challenge is to make Jesus the Lord of our everyday lives; in all the rooms within us and all our actions and conversations.

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