What does an Authentic Christian friendship looks like?

What does an Authentic Christian friendship looks like?

A big part of being a youth leader is to journey with each other. Earlier this year Theo wrote a tip on ‘how youth leaders can grow in their relationship with Christ’. One stand out tip is to surround yourself with creating disciples, you must first be a disciple – a follower of Christ. Christian friendship is so important in the life of a disciple. Here are four tips on how to build an authentic friendship.

Quoted from the book Into His Likeness. By Dr Edward Sri

#1 | Get some Haverim

The word Haverim is a Hebrew word used to describe the friendly relationship the disciples had with each other back in Jesus’ days. Having just a rabbi was not enough, they needed one other.

We can’t expect to grow in relationship with Christ on our own. In the scripture it is said “iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”(Proverbs 27:17)

Do you have friendships with other disciples who are seeking Christs will for their lives, pursuing prayer, virtue, and holiness, earnestly struggling to be more and more like Jesus in all areas of their lives?

#2 | Stay close with each other 

Just like a charcoal fire, it is best to put all the coal together in one pile so that they feed off each other’s heat. Together they burn stronger and longer. If it was isolated from others it won’t burn as strongly, and it will soon die out.

The same thing happens when we don’t have fellowship with others committed friends. We need to live in a joyful communion with other people who are striving after the same Christian ideals.

We need to have regular contact with the other burning coals.

#3 | Find your fellowship 

This can sometimes be hard to find, and perhaps you’ve been looking for a long time in different places.

One of the most important thing is to pray for fellowship. Trust that God will send the right people into your life.

We may also want to try going to nearby parishes or groups/movements to look for opportunities, sometimes they have smaller groups of people who gathers together on a regular basis to learn more about living the gospel and be enriched by each other’s experiences.

Another great place to start would be at CYM’s Holy Hour every Wednesday. Not only do you get to spend time with Jesus in front of the Blessed Sacrament, you also get to build relationship with like-minded young adults.

#4 | Look around us

We learn to show our love for Christ by loving Jesus in our neighbours.

We don’t want to be one legged Christians who hop on the single leg of “loving God”, whilst neglecting the other leg of “the loving neighbour”.

For holiness does not consist in how many rosaries one recites, how many hours one prays in the chapel, or how smart one becomes in knowledge of the faith.

According to many saints, a major sign of someone growing in holiness is his or her growing in patience, gentleness, generosity, merciful love of neighbour – whether it be a spouse, co-worker, relative, or friend – with all their quirks, needs, weaknesses, and faults.

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