Whitfords Youth Bush Dance – WYD Fundraising

On 25th January 2015, we – Whitfords Youth – kicked off our WYD fundraising for the year and celebrated Australia Day with an old fashioned Bush Dance.

Parishioners gathered on the oval, just as the sun was setting, with the Southern Cross Bush Band ready to go. The Band included a Dance Caller who showed everyone how to dance various traditional dances, including a Square dance and the Redback, finishing off with the Hokey Pokey. With such an array of dances, almost everyone gave it a go, including our parish priests, Fr Joseph Tran and Fr Renald Anthony.

Food was generously donated by parishioners to be sold on the evening and a raffle was conducted, with the main prize being a picnic basket containing lots of Australian goodies.

The night was a huge success, bringing together the Parish community in a very special way, while raising a reasonable amount of money towards our World Youth Day experience in Poland 2016.  All of this would not be possible without the support and generosity of our Parishioners here at Our Lady of the Missions, Whitfords.


Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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