World Youth Day Rio Countdown

As the countdown is on for the Rio World Youth Day (WYD), the Perth pilgrims gathered on the 4th May for a pilgrimage formation afternoon of activities.

One of the area’s in Brazil that the majority of the 72 pilgrims are visiting is called the Iguazu Falls. A movie ‘The Mission’ depicts the missionary work of the Jesuits in the area. The pilgrims were able to watch this movie and engage in some preparation activities looking at the context of the Jesuit mission and developing an understanding of the ruins that they will visit on their pilgrimage journey.

The afternoon was also a time to work up some fitness and head out on a pilgrimage walk. The journey took the group on a scenic walk to the North Perth monastery for a prayer experience and ‘training’ for the long daily walks ahead.

The pilgrims are now full-steam ahead in the final countdown to their departure on the 11th July, 2013.

All are invited to join the pilgrims at their Commissioning Mass on the 7th July at 11am, St Mary’s Cathedral with Archbishop Costelloe SDB. The final farewell for the pilgrims before they embark on their mission trip to South America.01. 02 03 04 05

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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