Engaging in the Year of Youth

Tips for Parents

 The Australian Conference of Catholic Bishops have identified the liturgical year of 2018 beginning Advent, 3 December 2017 as the national Year of Youth.

In this Year of Youth, we are called, as a whole Church to actively engage with young people. There are a few key influencers in the life of a young person. They are, namely: family, school, parish and community. We all have a responsibility to foster the total, personal and spiritual growth of each young person and empower them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ is today’s world.

In the recent Synod survey, 77% of young people identified that the family has a strong influence on them. Therefore, we have come up with 10 simple ways on how parents can actively engage with their children at home as well as supporting young people around their local parishes

3. Prioritise family time Try to understand the issues and the struggles that your children face. Listen patiently without judgment.
4. Seek truth together Be open to conversation. If you don’t know the answers to their questions, encourage them to join you in searching for the truth.
5. Encourage healthy friendship Encourage your children to develop solid friendships with people who will support them in their Christian journey.
6. Invitation Invite your children to participate actively in a parish and charitable activities.
7. Share your faith Share your faith and/or conversion story with your children as well as the daily ways you see God working in your life.
8. Action Strive to be an example of faith and virtue, as well as repentance and mercy when you or others fail to live up to that high standard.
9. Personal Prayer Foster your own personal prayer life and frequent the sacraments. Be a model of prayer for your children.
10. Seek support: You’re not alone. Reach out to others for support. You have the Catholic faith community and services to back you up.