Dating and Relationship at CYM Holy Hour

Young people gets “Homework” at Dating and Relationship Session at CYM’s Holy Hour.

by Dredd Semblante

In the past four weeks, CYM in partnership with Loving for Life conducted a Spring Speakers Series on relationships after Holy Hour on Wednesdays. The topics for the four week series included Individuals, Relationships, Marriage and Sex, in an order where a loving Catholic relationship should progress towards a healthy and fruitful marriage.

For the first session, the speaker decided to mix it up a bit and jumped into the ‘Relationships’ section, where there are three equal paradigms that equate to a progressing, romantic and Catholic-based relationship which includes faithfulness, tenderness and commitment.

In this first session, those who are single were tasked to go ask someone for a date as ‘homework’. Participants were given a list of the three different levels of dating: Level 1 for the reconnaissance work, where people find out more about each other; Level 2, where both sides are interested and are invested on where the relationship will go and finally, Level 3, where the couple has defined the relationship and has a futuristic view of it.  While those who are in a relationship, were tasked to help someone who is single to find a date.

The second session which was about the ‘Individuals’, considered how we must see one another in five aspects, with the acronym SPISE: Social, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Emotional.  To see ourselves being compatible in each of the five aspects is vital, as it determines if we are ready to delve into the dating scene.

The third session looked into specific questions from the audience about the talks, such us when to go public about the relationship, how to handle a toxic relationship and how to do what is best for you and a significant other within a relationship. We also looked into the final goal of the process of dating, which is marriage.

The fourth and final session dove into the importance of sex within the views of the Catholic Church and not the outside world, and how sex is complementary to marriage, not the other way around, as the secular society sees.  To have sex within the Catholic context is to procreate, have a sense of bonding between the couple and to find pleasure within the relationship just as how God wanted us to flourish and reproduce with faith, hope and love.

In summary, relationships matter; humans flourish in relationships and we need to work on healthy relationships. For more information about Loving for Life please contact Michelle on

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