Young Salesians become part of a bigger family

By Graham Maher

In the second week of January, the five-day annual West Australian Young Salesian summer camp, was held at Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup for the 26th time.

We began our journey with a number of campers from both the northern and southern suburbs, aged 12 to 15, alongside experienced leaders and adult support

We departed by bus to our destination. But what was still to come was what set this camp apart from those before.

Over the five days, campers came to see each other as part of a bigger family – the Don Bosco family.

Many began the camp shy and reserved but, as the days went on, a transformation took place.

An assortment of games, experiences, team-building exercises and activities designed to promote self-esteem, confidence and belonging, helped bring out the strengths of everyone. From Quiz night to the Amazing Race, a variety of different talents were discovered and built on.

The camp integrates the mission of Don Bosco: to cater to youth by blending Christian living via the two Masses held during the week with fun, laughter and games.

The camp saw numbers reach a phenomenal 71, the highest intake in almost 10 years and, although the camp may be over, strong friendships were forged.

During the year, the fun and friendships will continue as campers reunite at regular reunions held primarily over the school holidays. Our first reunion will be in less than a week.

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
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