Youth Ambassador Vision & Criteria


As the Year of Youth came to an end it is the hope of the Year of Youth Committee to see a legacy from the efforts to raise the profile and to advocate for young people’s engagement in the life of the Church.

One of the key features of the Year of Youth has been the encouragement for each parish to nominate one or two Youth Ambassadors to represent the parish and Her young people at various events and meetings that work to promote youth ministry and engagement in the life of the parish and Archdiocese.

An invitation from Archbishop Costelloe was sent to each parish to commission their Youth Ambassador for the following liturgical year on the 11th November 2018 marking the end of the Year of Youth.

It is important to note that the Youth Ambassador is not necessarily a Youth Leader or Youth Minister, nor do they need to be a young person. As is described below, the Youth Ambassador is one who advocates and champions the cause of youth ministry in the parish.

To assist in the process of identifying and appointing a Youth Ambassador this document outlines the possible role for the Youth Ambassador.

Year of Youth Project Officer Adeline Bock and Archbishop Costelloe at the Youth Ambassador Commissioning Mass held on 11th Nov 2018 at St Mary’s Cathedral, Perth

The Role of a Youth Ambassador

  1. Youth Ambassador should have a passion to advocate for the engagement of young people in the life of the parish.
  2. Youth Ambassador may be a member of the parish council to represent the young people of the parish.
  3. Youth Ambassador should support the work of those involved in youth ministry within the life of the parish but need not necessarily be actively involved.
  4. Youth Ambassador would represent the parish, youth workers and youth at diocesan meetings or events or send a delegate.
  5. Youth Ambassador role should be appointed for 12 months, renewable.
  6. Youth Ambassador should have some experience dealing with councils, parish priest and parents.

Parishes that currently do not have youth activities or a youth group are strongly encouraged to appoint a Youth Ambassador as a first step towards youth engagement.

Download the Youth Ambassador Vision & Criteria PDF.