Good Shepherd ALIVE – North of the River Update
February 26, 2021
Mystery Dinner Party – Event
March 4, 2021

Youth Leaders Collective – Forum Reignited!

The “Archdiocese of Perth – Youth Leaders Forum” has been rebranded as “Youth Leaders Collective [Perth]” and our youth leader gatherings have also had an identity makeover – now known as “Common Ground”.

We’re really excited to intentionally provide a place for youth leaders to connect online and in person. This is a place to hear about events, ask for prayer, share resources, get ideas and connect with others from all over Perth who are also serving our young people.

Here is where we build family!

If you’re a youth leader and are not already in the group, join us here!

Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry
Catholic Youth Ministry is the official agency supporting and promoting youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Perth. Our aim is to assist young adults to build a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus and to help them find their place in the Church and the world.