Last 26th of May  on a Friday evening, the CYM leadership meeting was held and facilitated by Kim Ngu of Bentley Parish at St Brigid’s Catholic Church, Northbridge. Youth leaders from across Perth from both North and South of the river gathered to gain some insight and knowledge about working as a team with in our youth groups, communities and parishes.

The main aim of the evening was to learn how to work in a team. This included dealing with difficult leaders, conflict resolutions, communication is key, relationship building plus love and mercy.

The wonderful night was kicked off with a grilled chicken dinner accompanied by hot chips both from Nandos, which was then followed by a competitive and fun group activity.

The participants were put into groups of five, which they had not had the privilege to meet as of yet. Placed in front of each group where envelopes with various puzzle pieces.

13310423_1054170991336196_1873686752167974478_nFor some groups it was a difficult task to put the puzzle together, as some pieces did not fit and some did not match. It took some time before individual groups realised that not all of the pieces they needed were there and that some pieces were from another group’s batch.In a rush to get it done, group members frantically ran around to other groups trying to find the right pieces. Unfortunately most groups did not finish this activity in the allocated time frame as some of their puzzle pieces were still missing.

Kim made a surprise announcement and claimed that all along she had some of the missing parts they needed, and holding onto them was metaphoric, that sometimes everyone holds a piece to the puzzle, including God.

Kim also said, “Don’t forget to involve Him (God) in your teams, as He might be holding the last piece to your puzzle.”

She continued, “A more effective way is also to pool all the pieces together and work on the puzzle together as a single entity rather than as different groups.” She then reminded us all that sometimes the only thing we need to do is ask.

The guest speaker mentioned more important points throughout her session about working in a team.  She even highlighted the fact that Jesus himself had his own team (disciples) and that they had major issues too.

Here were some common issues that Kim revealed while working in team: clash of views and opinions, lack of communication, control issues, not walking the talk, imbalanced workload and resistance to change/new ideas.

Kim then gave some really great tips about how to resolve all of these issues like:accepting that each individual is different, to remember God holds a piece of the puzzle, being friends, creating structure, creating a psychologically safe environment and to be clear about you goals.13267932_1054170974669531_7889836204581597188_n

It certainly was a leadership meeting worth going to as it gave individuals and groups an opportunity to learn and be trained. Plus, new friendships were formed and old friendships rekindled. It was a night of relationship building and networking amongst leaders from the North and South of the River.

To finish the leader’s gathering, CYM full time staff Eliza, led the youth leaders into the Church for some silent prayer and reflection.

The evening was then concluded with dessert and more discussions and laughter at famous chocolatier, San Churros at Northbridge.

Written by Jonothan Kavanagh