You’ve Never Read A Testimony Like This Before.

There was once a young man. He lived a happy life, he had friends, he had family, he had all he needed materially and much more. He also had a belief. He believed that there was Truth, that the Truth was knowable. He had seen glimpses of the Truth throughout his life usually in stories and in the actions of those close to him but sometimes it was a whisper that could only be heard in the quit of his heart. The Truth drew him and filled his heart with joy. But the man also believed other things, which let sorrow and fear into his heart.

One day the youHH243nH_44ng man met someone who he knew was strong and they became friends. The friend’s strength was not in their appearance, it was in the quiet confidence with which they carried themselves and in the way they treated others. The strength he could see came from the Truth, he had seen it in other people before. The friend took the man to the large house where the friend belonged. They walked through the open-gated walls which were strong, through gardens which were beautiful, filed with fruit that was good and through ancient libraries filled with testaments of the Truth. The man was filled with awe.

There were many people in the house, some of them reclined enjoying the food, beauty and splendour of the place, some were refining the gardens and writing books to add to the shelves of the library. There were others though who called the house home but walked through it as if it weren’t there. They let the beauty pass them by without a second thought, they neglected bad fruit that grew in the gardens and they avoided the the library and sometimes even forgot that house place was their home and left.

As the friend led the man through the house he felt more and more that he had not come to another’s home but to his own home. Eventually the friend led the man to the1407251034-table-shot-hix-banquet-378 dining hall and it was here that he saw the Truth. It was from this place that all the strength, beauty, goodness and testaments of Truth came. As he entered he found a place already prepared for him at the table. When he sat he was given the most wonderful food, it was the same food that everyone present was eating. As the man ate he could feel his heart swell with faith that let him believe the Truth was always with him, with a hope that he would be completely and forever at peace and with a love that allowed him to endure and serve the Truth. Now there was no doubt in the man’s heart that he was home and so he accepted his place in the house and all of the gifts that came with it. As he lived in the house he was led closer to the Truth each and every day and as this happened his heart was healed and filled more and more with joy. He was given a mission of his own, unique to him as was everyone else’s mission in that house, though ultimately they were all missions to bring life to the world. This was the life that comes from the Truth. With this mission came a message: “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.”

My friends, we are in this house. Here and now. All of its riches are here, now, gifts for us. Indeed, as we all pursue our mission we are each a gift to one another. All of these gifts come from God. Jesus calls us, sustains us, unites us and is leading us to to eternal happiness in this house and there is room enough for the world in here. To us much has been given and from us much is expected.

Narrative Testimony Written by Dan de la Motte