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Supported by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB, this is our mandate, as an official agency of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Perth, WA. It’s kind of like our mission – who we are, who we serve and what matters to us.


(an agency of the Catholic Church)

I, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Perth, mandate Catholic Youth Ministry to assist the Archdiocese in
fulfilling its responsibilities in furthering the Mission of the Church, in accordance with the beliefs, values, traditions, and social teaching of the Catholic Church. 


Catholic Youth Ministry is the official agency for youth ministry in the Archdiocese of Perth. It serves all young people from 12 to 30 years of age, youth and young adult groups, parishes, schools, tertiary institutions, movements, and organisations, to lead and support them in youth ministry, to further the Mission of our Church.


  1. Assist young people to foster a strong and enduring relationship with Jesus Christ. We will spread the Gospel, support their faith formation, promote peer-to-peer youth ministry, and guide them to find their vocation in life. Coordinate and support youth initiatives in the Archdiocese
  2. Provide dedicated places for young people to feel safe, gather in vibrant communities, freely express their faith, connect with the Church, and encounter God. We will have a pastoral care and well-being program to support those in youth ministry, offering places to go when they need help. Develop and support Catholic youth leaders who hold Christ at the centre of their ministry and are supported by the Church community
  3. Coordinate resources to deliver a dedicated faith formation program, incorporating leadership training and events, implemented through a long-term strategic plan. Our approach supports diversity in youth ministry, empowering young people to succeed and to recognise their achievements. 
  4. Develop an online platform that supports administration, communications, safeguarding, work health safety and faith formation for those in youth ministry. 
  5. Establish partnerships with those in youth ministry to build a network of trained personnel and volunteers, that fosters a Christ-centred culture and unified vision. We will work together to create resources for youth ministry, that supports the renewal of our parishes and archdiocese.


The Committee of Management is appointed by me and governed by my endorsement of the Constitution which provides its brief to operate Catholic Youth Ministry. The Committee of Management will consist of a diverse group of key stakeholders who are invested in our mission and the young people we serve.


The Director is appointed by me following a recommendation by the Committee of Management and is appointed to manage the day-to-day affairs of Catholic Youth Ministry.


This Mandate is given for five years from the first day of May 2023.

Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB


Catholic Pastoral Centre
40a Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003


08 9422 7912

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