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Here’s where you can meet our team (virtually)
we’re excited to connect with you in-person too!

Adam Phillips

Adam first experienced a calling to faith and youth ministry through Antioch and has been involved with music ministry in his parish for many years. More recently he has been involved with youth through Scouting.

Adam’s dream for youth is to create a place where they feel accepted and connected to our church.

Fr Joseph Laundy

Fr Joe grew up in many different places including Perth, Darwin and Saudi Arabia! He wanted to be ‘the guy who invented cool stuff’ as a kid, and committed his life to Jesus when he was 18.

Fr Joe’s dream for youth ministry in Perth is to make God real for youth. Oh, also – he hates taking out the bins.

Johannes Alexander

Johannes grew up in many parts of the world such as Dubai and Singapore, but Perth became his home! He does praise and worship with different instruments, has a fantastic radio voice, hates dust allergy and arguably is the fittest member of the team.

Johannes dreams of a place for young people to find their homes in within the church. 

Priscilla Doss

Priscilla enjoys having a prayer life that is filled through praise & worship music. Through her work she keeps the CYM staff supported in their day-to-day roles in the office.

Priscilla is the glue that keeps the CYM office together! She’s so full of love and works hard, often behind the scenes.

Claire Anne Ma

Whilst still studying, Claire is a youth co-ordinator from Bateman, different from the many wishes she had since little; a swim teacher being one of them! Give her a mocha frappe with extra chocolate and she’ll be happy, just don’t get her to do vacuuming, because wires.

Claire’s dream for youth ministry in Perth is for young people to be in discipleship, journeying together.

Issy Otchman

Issy grew up in a small town called Beverley, where everyone knew each other, including Issy's mum, who was the local hairdresser.

Although Issy’s family is not religious, her positive experiences with the Catholic Church during school, including the support of some strong spiritual guides, led Issy to complete her sacraments and embrace her faith. Now, Issy is passionate about youth ministry and loves guiding and inspiring young people in their faith journey.

One of Issy’s greatest strengths is her ability to connect with others. She has a talent for understanding what people are going through and finding ways to relate. 

Paul Crossley

Hailing from Winthrop, Paul attended Corpus Christi College and furthered his education at Acts 2 College of Mission & Evangelization. He spent two transformative years with Youth Mission Team Australia, worked with local parishes and high schools, and devoted six years to Servite College.

As a self-professed nerd who loves Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and enjoys playing D&D, Paul connects with others on various levels. He has attended significant events like World Youth Day Spain 2013 and the Australian Catholic Youth Festival. With a heart set on bringing revival to the Church and igniting the faith of the youth, Paul is eager to serve the Archdiocese of Perth. 


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